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Welcome to Get Fit™ Orange County!

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the Kaiser Permanente® Get Fit™ program for Orange County. If you have any questions, please contact Orange County Public Affairs for more information.

Empowers your employees to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

  • Invest 30 minutes a day and improve your energy and strength while reducing your stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Encourages happier, less stressed and more productive employees
  • Empower your employees to live the life to the fullest and take control of your health

Fosters employee teamwork, camaraderie, company pride positive morale

  • Company team participation builds teamwork and positive spirit
  • Healthier lifestyle changes more fun as part of a workplace group
  • Friendly, competition builds company pride and spirit
  • Establish your corporate team today and select from many community run or walk events

Simple, but comprehensive “turn-key” program with minimal effort required

  • Program support provided includes internal communications, posters, flyers, etc…
  • On-line materials to print and use at the work site including pod casts
  • Health Educator available for on-site education and answering questions

So easy with great resources for every level of fitness

  • Program tools for all level of fitness from coach potatoes to competitive runners

Fun, fitness and company camaraderie deliver bottom line business benefits

  • Healthy and happy employees reduce sick days, lower medical costs and increase productivity

Get Fit™ Orange County Podcasts
You are toning up at the gym and on the track, now tune up your results with the following podcasts that were designed to give your workout routine a boost. Click the links below and follow the instructions to load your iPod with high-decibel music essentials.

We also provide links to other training sites for tips and tools to enhance your program.

Corporate/Employer Get Fit™ OC

  • Download what you need to educate your employees and inspire fitness.
  • Company breakroom poster and flyers.
  • Fact sheet on our on-site GET FIT program.
  • Links provided to training and education programs.
  • Speakers provided to encourage and embrace GET FIT programs.

Healthy Workforce
Weekly Health Tips

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Employer Information

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General Information

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